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Welcome to Save Life India-Blood Donors Network

We are part of “Volunteer for a Better India”, where we work towards strengthening a technology-linked platform aimed at building a country-wide network of blood donors. Till date, through this initiative thousands of people joined and many lives have received a fresh gush of blood and lives !

Why should we be concerned about donating blood?

  • Our nation requires 4 Crore Units of Blood while only 40 lakh units are available
  • Every two seconds someone needs Blood
  • There is no substitute for Human Blood. It cannot be manufactured
  • Blood donation is an extremely noble deed, yet there is a scarcity of regular donors across India.

We focus on creating & expanding a virtual army of blood donating volunteers who could be searched and contacted by family / care givers of a patient in times of need.

The ingenuity of the Save Life India -Blood Donors Network is that it simply requires a volunteer to register on www.savelifeindia.org and submit his/her contact details. Save life India does not collect or store blood. Blood being a highly perishable, we insist that it should be stored in the best vessel – The Human Body!

Through this digital platform, we urge you to fulfill your supreme duty as a human being; to save a life, by becoming a proud registered volunteer.

  • You may register as blood donor (Your 1 unit of blood can save 3 lives)
  • Share opportunity with others – Build blood donors network in your city/town by clicking “Register Your friend”
  • Refer this website to all the people you know. They may be interested in becoming part of this noble cause.
  • Use this site extensively to search for blood donors on behalf of family, friend or acquaintance.

The mission of Save Life India is that not a single person should suffer/die due to non availability of blood.


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"Thanks Save life India"

I am Vikash Kumar Rai, my friend Danu Shaikh was in urgent need of blood A+ in GMC Hospital Bambolim, Goa for his operation. I contacted Save Life India Team, Goa. I got quick response from them and found very helpful. Thanks Save life India.

Vikash Kumar Rai

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